The Black Prince Decisively Wins The Battle of Poitiers

Today on September 19, 1356, The Black Prince delivers a stunning English victory at the Battle of Poitiers.

The Battle of Poitiers was the second of three major English victorious in the Hundred Years’ War against France. As its name wrongly implies, the Hundred Years’ War did not concurrently last for a century. Rather, it was marked by three main phases of conflict with periods of peace in between. The battle occurred during the Edwardian phase of the war and was fought ten years after the Battle of Crecy. The engagement took place in the southern region of Aquitaine in France, near the town of Poitiers.

The English army was led by Edward, the eldest son of King Edward III. He was nicknamed the Black Prince for the dark metallic color of his armor. The Black Prince’s army consisted of battle-hardened veterans. The English army handily defeated the much larger French army under the command of King John II of France. The defeat at the Battle of Poitiers dealt a devastating blow to France. King John, his son, and other members of the French nobility were captured and humiliated.

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