Howard Carter discovers King Tut’s Sarcophagus

Today on February 16th 1923, the renowned British archaeologist, Howard Carter, discovers the Sarcophagus of Tutankhamun.

Howard Carter is one of the world’s most famous archaeologists and leading Egyptologists. He began his career in Egypt as an artist, drawing detailed pictures of various artifacts and tombs. After WW1 ended in 1918, he resumed his excavation work in Egypt but with limited success. His main financier, Lord Carnarvon, was growing increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of progress. He warned Carter that he only had one more season to find something of substance before being cut off.

Back in November 1922, a young boy working for Carter as a water fetcher discovered the tomb entrance while playing in the sand. The crew began feverishly excavating the site and discovered a stone stairway leading down to a sealed door. Almost a month later, Carter entered the tomb and found a massive collection of gold, artifacts and treasures. On February 16th he opened the innermost chamber of the complex and found the iconic Sarcophagus of Tutankhamun. King Tut’s tomb contained several golden shrines, weapons, chariots and clothing.

King Tut’s tomb was certainly one of the most well-preserved tombs ever found, including the sarcophagus and mummy itself. Carter employed meticulous excavation techniques and carefully detailed all of the artifacts. His discovery received worldwide press coverage and sparked renewed interest in Ancient Egypt. Further investments were made to various Egyptian archaeology projects. Carter spent another decade excavating and cataloging the 5,400 items found in King Tut’s Tomb. He eventually returned to Britain as a well-respected and famous museum curator.

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